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Cathy Osten for State Senate 2016

FightingFor Eastern

Cathy for front

Dear Friends, I’ve never been afraid to take on the hard fights. That’s how I was able to pass two minimum wage increases and keep state funding for our district.

When necessary, I’ve even voted against the Governor. It’s because I represent you—not the Hartford politicians. I’ve fought hard to deliver significant funding for every one of our communities and have helped families by listening to them, understanding their needs and championing bi-partisan legislation that addresses those needs. I have also listened to small businesses so they can grow and thrive during difficult times.

My priority is always Connecticut ’s future. Too many families are being forced to make ends meet with less, and I am committed to reversing this trend. We must restore the middle class. This is why I do what I do—I represent you. I fight for you, I fight for your family, and it will be my honor to continue to do so in the State Senate. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to fight and work hard for Eastern Connecticut.

Thank you, Cathy


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