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Finding Solutions for Connecticut

Cathy Osten fights for the services and programs we depend on while creating efficiencies and eliminating programs that are wasting tax dollars and not working.

Creating an Innovative Economy

Cathy Osten helped create the largest solar array east of the Mississippi and has delivered over $30 million in direct economic aid to our communities.

Helping Families, Seniors & Veterans

Cathy Osten has fought tirelessly for children and their families, senior services, and veterans—including the elimination of state taxes on military pensions.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Cathy Osten passed groundbreaking legislation to prevent opioid and heroin deaths, reduce dependencies, and put Narcan into the hands of first responders.

Fighting for the Middle Class

Cathy Osten passed two minimum wage increases, passed Paid Sick Time, and is focused on creating the best educated workforce in America by turning universities into hubs of innovation and research.